A Path to Automation

Getting your entire program from manual to fully automated is possible with the right roadmap. Each operating unit in your organization is able to progress independently of one other and may go live at there own pace. Actus is flexibly designed to allow every sub-office to have their needs met. Forms, data, policies, and workflows that work for one sub-office may not be appropriate for the next. Each of these potentially unique needs will be captured during the setup process.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Milestone 1

    Program manager kickoff

    Review documentation requirements. Identify primary and alternate POCs for bank charge downloads. Compete successful download from Citi manager. Establish download cadence moving forward.

  • Milestone 2

    Financial manager kickoff

    Understand Budget Officer payment process used to create MODs in financial system. Confirm data required for successful settlement in financial management system.

  • Milestone 3

    Create approval forms and hierarchies

    Actus support staff develops forms and workflows for approval processes based on Milestones 1 & 2.

  • Milestone 4

    Program review with Unit POC

    Unit POCs confirm that org structures, workflows, data collection, and reporting meets automation goals in support of mission. Actus support staff makes any required changes.

  • Milestone 5

    Deploy user accounts & begin 90 day transition

    Accounts created and sent to users. Users log in and complete their profiles. System ready to use.

  • Milestone 6

    Cutover to automated process

    Milestone Content goes here

What’s Next?

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